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lunes, 28 de junio de 2010


Today i woke up at 7: 50, i was sleepy, but i had to make my duties.
First I got dressed, I chose my clothes, it was a little difficult because im not used to chosing clothes to go the school, because normally I wear uniform. Next I had breakfast with all my family. Then I finished my bag with all the things that I need. After that I got into the car with my father and my brother, to go to the SES. When I arrived to school I didn’t know what to do since I saw Carles and Guillem. Then we went looking for Diana. When we found Diana we went to the clasroom, there was Fina our English perfect teacher.Fina has showed to as the timetable. It’s full of activities and breaks too. After that we have been playing a game with a spotted ball. There were two groups and we have to say words related with the topic that Fina said and baunce the ball before that. When the game finished we had a break, we ate a sandwich and coke. Then we went to the classroom and we made some sheets, they talk about a robbary and we had to be like Sherlock Holmes. During the hour we learned a lot of vocabulary like:
Irene Cervera

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