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miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

AT, IN or ON?

Difficult to guess, but in the end we got it! We played a game to help our students to understand and use the right time preposition when it comes to talking about past events. We learned that we say AT Christmas but ON Christmas Day, AT night but in the evening, etc...

Hooray for the students who started creating the digital poster with www.glogster.com, we´ll publish them tomorrow!! Thanks everybody for your collaboration!! FINA
I really love this singer!! My glog, which will be published tomorrow, is about her. You will see photos, videos and images...Hope you like it!!!

martes, 29 de junio de 2010

IT project 1: Let´s go glogging!!!!!!!

In this project, we are going to create a GLOG, a digital poster about a topic. You will be able to make your interactive poster easily and share it with friends. You will only have to mix images, videos, photos and music. Here is just a example I made for my FCE students. Come on, share your creativity!!! Fina


Today we solved a crime: 50 frogs disappeared from the school lab. It takes years of education to solve a mystery like this . However, our students succeeded in doing so , they have become amateur crime solvers. Thanks to our investigators coming from NY and Miami who paid attention to the main clues, we could determine who the robbers were. Definitely Dani and Nico, the suspects, made a lot of mistakes today. They didn´t agree on a girl name. Was it Alba or María? Was it Alba María? We had lots of fun!!!


Jason Derulo

I hope you enjoy this video as much as we do:)!!

Irene and Diana

Fifty frogs

Today is Tuesday and we had done a lot of things, first we had done grammar, we had learned a lot of vocabulary and we had done some worksheets.

We had done a court and I was one of the three police of the CSI Miami, finally we discover the two criminals. Now we are in IT doing this summary of the day.

Àlex Roura

It is the second in SES. My teacher is Fina and the other boys are: Nico, Irene, Diana, Alex, Estefania, Dani, Carles and I. We play a fun game of detectives. There are three teams: the suspects team, the New York detectives team and the Miami police team. The game is simple: The detectives and the police team have to make them go to prison.
Guilllem Tubella


Today in the morning i did a trial,in the trial were the CSI NY and CSI MIAMI I and Nico Franco
we were the suspects and in the end we were faunt guilty of the crime because we put 50 frogs in the laboratory it was a funny activity.


Today we have made a gift to Mr Pere for his saint, a card with dedications to him.
After.. We played together a set of questions. '' The polices and the criminals''.
Niko Franco and Dani Carracedo were the criminals and Irene Cervera, Diana Cortés and mi were the polices.
I listen to my music and Nico Franco's music too in the play run.
Soon we will go to the pool all to enjoy ourselves!
Soon you will see my video on the blog, the song we hear all!
One kiss!

Hello, my name is niko and explain today:
  1. We did some worksheets for past simple and past continuos.
  2. We did a postcard for Sr. Pere.
  3. I listen to my music and steffi casajus's music too in de play run.


Today we had done a very interesting exercice. It was a diferent exercice because you has to investigate about one crime committed in the school. Two persons had catched 50 frogs, and you has to made a questionary for the suspects.

Next we had done a postcard for Mr. Pere because he has fallen on the floor and he is in the hospìtal.

Carles Rom


Today is has been a good good day, like yesterday of course. We have started the day playing a another game. The game consisted in a court, the acustes were Nico and Dani. The police were the others partners but we were divided in two groups:

CSI Miami----were Alex, Carles and Guillem

CSI New York-----were us and Steffi

After that we had a break and then we made a couple of worksheets related with the Past Simple and the Past Continuous.

It was easy!!! :) :)

Next we made the postcard to Sr Pere, because he is at the hospital. :( But he will get well soon:) And now we are here doing IT. hehe

Diana and Irene

lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

I also Waka-Waka

Waka, waka, eh! eh!
I love this song and I would like to see you ALL dance to the Waka-Waka beat! I'm happy to see that you had a wonderful start in the SES. Congratulations, Miss Fina!

We all had fun with Shakira today!!

Today we sang and danced Zulu to the rhythm of the African drums: Waka waka, the World Cup FIFA 2010´s theme song. We all had a good, laughing time. Here is a video for you to keep on practising!! FINA

Today I woke up at eight o´clock and I had my breakfast.
Then I got dressed and I went to the SES.
When I was in the school I saw Irene and Stefania.
When the bell rang all the studends of Miss Fina went at her class.
In the morning we played at the “game of the ball”.
Then we solved a case of Sherlok Holmes, there was so interesting!!
At half past ten they eat a sandwich of ham and a glass of coca cola!!
Later we do a paper of Sherlok Holmes too.
Theres a very good day of the moment…

SES What a day!!!!

My favorite english teacher, Miss Fina informed us about our timetable in the ses.

Whi drink coca cola and water.

We did activites of serlock holmes.

We played a vocab game with the ball. And now we are going to listen to a song WAKA WAKA...by Shakira
Nico Franco

My First Day in SES!!

Today I woke up seven o’clock. I thought about my first day in SES. I thought that SES were a boring class every day.
But when I arrived at the class and I heard the timetable I was very surprised. I’m very happy to stay here these two weeks.
My mother thought me that my teacher it be Mrs. Fina. And yes, my brilliant teacher is Mrs. Fina!
Only is 13:02 and I’m very happy with my teacher and the activities that we are going to complete my classmates and me.

Carles Rom


In English classes we ''la Miranda''.

Learn but we also laught a lot.

I have often breaks we had fun.

I having a great time and learning a lot.


Today i woke up at 7: 50, i was sleepy, but i had to make my duties.
First I got dressed, I chose my clothes, it was a little difficult because im not used to chosing clothes to go the school, because normally I wear uniform. Next I had breakfast with all my family. Then I finished my bag with all the things that I need. After that I got into the car with my father and my brother, to go to the SES. When I arrived to school I didn’t know what to do since I saw Carles and Guillem. Then we went looking for Diana. When we found Diana we went to the clasroom, there was Fina our English perfect teacher.Fina has showed to as the timetable. It’s full of activities and breaks too. After that we have been playing a game with a spotted ball. There were two groups and we have to say words related with the topic that Fina said and baunce the ball before that. When the game finished we had a break, we ate a sandwich and coke. Then we went to the classroom and we made some sheets, they talk about a robbary and we had to be like Sherlock Holmes. During the hour we learned a lot of vocabulary like:
Irene Cervera

My first day in the SES

Today I woke up at half past seven and I thought it were a horrible day। When I arrived at school I look if there were some people of my course.
After we started the classes and when I saw the time table I thought that there is not going to be so horrible.
First we started with the vocabulary and we learned a lot of words in English, that was grammar, then we did the break, we ate a sandwich and we drank coke.
After the break we did writing and then we did another break. Now we are in the it room writing for the blog.
Àlex Roura

martes, 22 de junio de 2010


Hi everyone! Welcome to a new SES course. Your teacher has just created this space to have an opportunity to SHARE our views on the daily tasks we will be doing at La Miranda, SHARE our favourite photos, music and videos, in short, SHARE our creations, our feelings, our knowledge!!! I´m sure we will all have fun contributing to this new site with postings. Hope you enjoy it!!